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Strike Action Information - 15th & 16th March 2023

What will happen at the school during the strike?

At the time of writing, following our discussions with Trust leaders and having completed a risk assessment, we can confirm that Westcliff Primary Academy is able to remain open to all year groups, however this will likely be non-curriculum-based activities in some instances. We have more staff taking industrial action this week and therefore your child’s class may not have a teacher available to deliver the curriculum. You will be notified of this on the day and non-curriculum-based activities will be provided.

As the school is currently planning on being open, it is a requirement that parents/carers send their child to school as the Department for Education expects all school-registered children of compulsory school age to be in attendance on school opening days.

Measures have been taken to assure the safety of pupils both in class and during break periods. Classes affected will be supervised by members of the school leadership team or cover supervisors in the first instance; these staff are fulfilling roles they would usually occupy during staff absence. We intend to teach the curriculum as normal, however additional confirmed absence may result in non-curriculum-based alternatives, we will confirm if this is the case.

This is the current situation at the time of writing, however, this may change over the coming days. I will communicate any further changes if this occurs.