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At Westcliff, we would like to develop confident historians by training the children to be able to create links between times/events and gain information from a wide range of resources. In the different Key Stages, periods studied will be as follows: 

  • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS):  

  • About me. 

  • Key Stage 1(KS1):  

  • Personal history 

  • Local history 

  • Key Stage 2 (KS2):  

  • Anglo Saxons and Vikings 

  • Romans and a non-European society 

  • Victorians 

  • Stone Age to Iron Age 

  • Greece 

  • An Early civilization.  

By planning our curriculum in this way, we are hoping that the children will leave with a secure understanding of chronology. From EYFS- KS1, the children’s study of history will be very local and personal. Then in KS2, children will have the opportunity to study history from different periods and countries. This will allow them the opportunity to evaluate using their critical thinking skills.  



At Westcliff Primary Curriculum, History is implemented using these 5 golden threads: 

· Exploration: Pupils are encouraged to explore using historical resources to produce their own conclusions about historical periods and events.  

· Interlinked: Children should be able to build upon their historical knowledge, year after year to create a secure historical understanding.   

· Focussed: A focussed curriculum will allow pupils to deep dive into History. This will allow children to develop both historical knowledge and skills. 

· Vocabulary: Pupils will focus on a few key vocabularies each unit to ensure they have properly understood.  

· Fun: History should be underpinned by activities that pupils enjoy, leading to a lasting love of History. 



History will be assessed partially through evidence in books, photos of children but mainly based on discussions with the children. Pupils should be able to link events and use critical thinking.  

History in Action!

History curriculum overview