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In Computing children will become responsible and considerate users of a range of technology. Throughout their time at Westcliff, children will develop a solid understanding of many aspects of Online Safety – an increasingly important issue. They will become proficient in Computing across the three strands of Computer Science, ICT, and Digital Literacy.

By thinking as a ‘computational thinker’ children will become familiar with the concepts such as algorithms, debugging, and programming, and use these to code increasingly complex programs. Communication using technology through writing, images or video is a vital skill that children will develop as they progress through the school. Our children will also fluently use a variety of devices to access and interpret content on the internet, ensuring that they are able to distinguish between content that is trustworthy and age-appropriate versus content that is inappropriate. Children will recognise that they have an expected role on the internet as in any offline community – one of responsibility. They will use a range of software to find, interpret, present and share information.



At Westcliff Primary Academy our computing curriculum has the following golden threads:

  • Using a range of devices: Children will engage in hands-on learning using a variety of technologies.
  • Becoming responsible members of an online community: Children will acquire the skills needed to safely navigate an increasingly online world.
  • Using computational vocabulary: Children will articulate their knowledge by using key vocabulary specific to this subject.
  • Engaging with all three strands of Digital Literacy, Computer Science and ICT: Children will engage with the breadth of the Computing curriculum.


The impact of our curriculum is assessed through the eyes of the child. All monitoring of subject areas and teaching and learning will start with focused pupil discussion and sharing of knowledge and skill-based outcomes. Computing is assessed through pupil understanding of the concepts, skills and vocabulary studied.


Engaging Computing at Westcliff