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Unit 1 2019/20

Welcome to the Unit 1 web page 2019/20


Here you will find copies of our newsletters and dates for your diaries! We also hope you enjoy looking at what the children have been learning about.

Unit Leader - Mrs Vicky Watts

Class Teachers 

Miss Rebecca Maggs Year 1 - Cofton

Mrs Vicky Watts Year 1 - Aller

Miss Grace Glover Year 2 - Coryton

Mrs Nicole Cayless Year 2 - Newhay

Meet the Teachers

In Year 1 we have been learning about instructions. During our oracy lesson we did a back-to-back activity where our partner gave us instructions to draw an image. 

On World Book Day the children dressed up as their favourite book character and shared their stories. Each Key Stage 1 teacher took turns to read a story to each class to build our enthusiasm for reading for pleasure. 

In maths Year 2 have been focusing on multiplication. They have learnt to use counters to show arrays before drawing the arrays themselves.

The Year 1 children are beginning to write their stories based on The Bumblebear story by Nadia Shireen. As a part of this unit of work Mrs Davis led a drama session for both classes to innovate the story to the Doggycat.

On Friday 31st January Mrs Cayless took 12 Year 2 children to the aesthetics festival at Dawlish Learning Community.

During practical maths sessions the Year 2 children have been learning to read scales. This week they’ve been measuring in litres and millilitres.

In Year 2 we have been holding balances in gymnastics during PE sessions.

Year 1 - Sandwich Making Thursday 23rd January

Year 1 - Walk to Dawlish

Unit 1 Spring Newsletter

Year 2 - Invitation to Lunch

Year 1 - Invitation to Lunch

Unit 1 - Morning Drop-Off

Little Red Riding Hood Basket Making

Little Red Riding Hood needed a new basket after the wolf broke hers. In Design and Technology Year 2 have designed, made and evaluated their own baskets which they made by weaving paper…Look how clever they are!

Little Red Riding Hood

In English Unit 1 have been reading Little Red Riding Hood. They have sequenced the story and acted it out before rewriting the story themselves.

Unit 1 Newsletter Autumn Term 2019