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Unit 1 2019/20

Welcome to the Unit 1 web page 2019/20


Here you will find copies of our newsletters and dates for your diaries! We also hope you enjoy looking at what the children have been learning about.

Unit Leader - Mrs Vicky Watts

Class Teachers 

Miss Rebecca Maggs Year 1 - Cofton

Mrs Vicky Watts Year 1 - Aller

Miss Grace Glover Year 2 - Coryton

Mrs Nicole Cayless Year 2 - Newhay

Meet the Teachers

Meet the Teachers 1

Reading at Home

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Picture 2

In Year 1 we have been learning about instructions. During our oracy lesson we did a back-to-back activity where our partner gave us instructions to draw an image. 

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Picture 2

On World Book Day the children dressed up as their favourite book character and shared their stories. Each Key Stage 1 teacher took turns to read a story to each class to build our enthusiasm for reading for pleasure. 

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In maths Year 2 have been focusing on multiplication. They have learnt to use counters to show arrays before drawing the arrays themselves.

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The Year 1 children are beginning to write their stories based on The Bumblebear story by Nadia Shireen. As a part of this unit of work Mrs Davis led a drama session for both classes to innovate the story to the Doggycat.

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On Friday 31st January Mrs Cayless took 12 Year 2 children to the aesthetics festival at Dawlish Learning Community.

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During practical maths sessions the Year 2 children have been learning to read scales. This week they’ve been measuring in litres and millilitres.

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In Year 2 we have been holding balances in gymnastics during PE sessions.

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Year 1 - Sandwich Making Thursday 23rd January

Year 1 - Walk to Dawlish

Unit 1 Spring Newsletter

Year 2 - Invitation to Lunch

Year 1 - Invitation to Lunch

Unit 1 - Morning Drop-Off

Little Red Riding Hood Basket Making

Little Red Riding Hood Basket Making 1
Little Red Riding Hood Basket Making 2
Little Red Riding Hood Basket Making 3

Little Red Riding Hood needed a new basket after the wolf broke hers. In Design and Technology Year 2 have designed, made and evaluated their own baskets which they made by weaving paper…Look how clever they are!

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood 1
Little Red Riding Hood 2
Little Red Riding Hood 3

In English Unit 1 have been reading Little Red Riding Hood. They have sequenced the story and acted it out before rewriting the story themselves.

Unit 1 Newsletter Autumn Term 2019