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At Westcliff Primary Academy we use physical education to inspire pupils to make healthy and active lifestyle choices. A high-quality physical education curriculum allows pupils to take part in recreational sports and fitness that give them a sense of belonging through teamwork and specific roles and responsibilities. It should also provide opportunities to take part in competitive sports and take part in other outdoor and adventurous activities by challenging them individually and as part of a team. Finally, we understand that taking part in sport and other activities builds characters and helps to embed our school values and Learning Backpack.


The PE curriculum at Westcliff has been split into four key outcome aims.

  • Developing competence in skills for a broad range of physical activities
  • Pupils are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • Pupils engage in competitive sport, understanding rules and the different roles that can be played including umpire, coach and referee
  • Pupils lead healthy and active lifestyles

At Westcliff we also strive for pupils to become confident in the water by:

  • Swimming competently and proficiently over 25 m.
  • Use a range of strokes effectively
  • Understanding local water safety and self -rescue in different water-based situations