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Unit 1

Welcome to the Unit 1 web page 


Here you will find copies of our newsletters and dates for your diaries! We also hope you enjoy looking at what the children have been learning about.


Unit Leader - Miss Penny Rundle

Class Teachers 

Mr Smart - Cofton Year 1

Miss Millar - Aller Year 1

Miss Glover - Coryton Year 2

Miss Rundle - Newhay Year 2

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Summer half-term 2

Unit 1 have had a wonderful Summer term! Year 1 had a visit from the Animal Encounters where they learnt about different types of animals and their needs to survive. Year 2 had a class trip to Exeter Cathedral which linked to our Religious Education lessons all about sacred places! We travelled on the train and gave out 'messages of kindness' to people we met.

All of the children gave 100% effort during our sports day and all of the staff commented on how fantastic their behaviour was, showing super teamwork and sportsmanship!

We ended our year with a water play afternoon... which quickly turned into a water battle of teachers vs students! Great fun was had by all and it was a brilliant way to celebrate the end of a super year.

I hope you all have a fantastic summer and I look forward to seeing you in September.

Summer half-term 1

Unit 1 have squashed a lot of exciting learning into this short half term!

In Year 1 the children have been working hard on their descriptive language in their literacy lessons. They took part in a texture session where they felt different objects and textures and thought of a range of adjectives to describe them, there have been some fantastic writing outcomes from this. In PE the children have been learning more gymnastic skills, they have been putting together sequences and learning different ways to travel in a gymnastics routine.

In Year 2 the children have been designing and making their own habitat diorama in their science lessons, we had a wonderful range of different habitats such as rainforests, desserts and oceans. In music we have been learning about percussion and different ways we can make sound. We used a range of untuned percussion instruments as well as our bodies to make sounds.

The children wrote some wonderful stories based on the book 'The Storm Whale', they thoroughly enjoyed the book and wrote their own stories from the perspective on the whale.

Spring half-term 2


We have had a brilliant spring term in Unit 1 with lots of exciting and creative learning taking place.



Spring half-term 1


Unit 1 have had a great half term! We have been working hard in our reading, writing and maths, but we have also been exploring some really exciting foundation subjects such as PE, Computing and Art.


In Year 1 the children have been focusing on passing and controlling the ball with their hockey sticks in PE, there has been great progress with this and we can see some future sports stars in our midst. They have also been programming and directing Beebots around a grid in computing. This is an early introduction to coding, which is becoming more important in the world of technology around us.

In Year 2 the children have been studying two main artists in their art lesson, Andy Goldsworthy and Alexander Calder. They have created their own Andy Goldsworthy inspired art work using natural resources to create masterpieces! They have also been learning how to create 'Stop Motion' movies in their computing lessons. This involves taking lots of pictures of small movements on the screen, then joining them together to turn it into a fluid movement. Take a look at these on Seesaw.

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