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Life Skills - Sainsburys Visit

Cooking Skills.

Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th October

  • We went to our local Sainsbury’s store.

  • First, we were met and taken through the store to a room at the back, we were given pizza bases and we put on the toppings of our choice, Sainsbury’s made sure that everyone was catered for and we had pizzas toppings suitable for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans.

  • We watched as the pizzas were put into the hot ovens.

  • Next we were able to go to the storage area; we saw the freezers, fridges and learnt why they were used, we looked inside a lorry that had just completed its delivery.

  • Then we went to the bakery, we were told how bread and bread rolls are made, we all had a small piece of dough and we all got to smell the yeast.

  • We moved on to the butchery counter, the butcher told us lots of interesting things about all the meat items on sale. He was also in charge of the fish counter and knew lots about the different fish and where were caught.

  • Finally we collected our cooked pizzas and went back to the room to eat them.