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KS2 Athletics Festival 2017

On Monday 26t June teams from across the Dawlish Learning Partnership arrived at Teignmouth Community School to participate in the KS2 Athletics tournament, organised by the Dartmoor School Sport Partnership.

The competition consisted of 8 different events, which pupils participated in on a carousel, and then a competitive relay to finish.

The events ranged from a team hurdles relay, standing long jump, turbo javelin, 5 strides, speed bounce, 5 minute run , 1 handed push throw and a team relay and were run by year 8 leaders from Teignmouth Community School.

Going into the final relays there was everything to race for with lots of groups having a few points between them!!

In the end the results were as follows(see full results below pictures) with Gatehouse being the clear winners, by coming first in 7 of the 9 events, well done!

Congratulations to all those who took part and a huge thanks to Dartmoor School Sport Partnership and the Yr 8 leaders from TCS for running a fantastic event.