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Christmas Around The World

On Thursday 6th December , we were invited to Chudleigh Knighton to take part in a Christmas Around The World Ethos Day. We visited the following countries  China, Finland, Mexico and The Netherlands to learn how these countries celebrate Christmas. We took part in different activities linked to these countries. 

In China they call Santa ‚ÄėShen Do Lao Ren‚Äô. Often, people in China hang lanterns, paper chains and flowers from the Tree ¬†Of Light.

Next we went to Finland to learn that they eat a lot of fish at Christmas. It is very dark and cold in Finland at Christmas time. We made Finnish stars.

After lunch we visited Mexico where we made A Mexican Gods eye as well as visiting the Netherlands where we decorated biscuits because they eat biscuits at Christmas!

Lastly we learnt all about St Nicholas and how he used to give to people less fortunate than him and he would leave pennies in peoples shoes.

We had good fun at CK today and learnt lots about how other countries celebrate Christmas.