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Central HUB Reading Day

Central Hub reading day – Tuesday 24th April 2018

  • Aimed at year 6 children across all 5 Central Hub schools who were currently ‘working at’ the expected standard but were borderline in terms of achieving greater depth.
  • 31 children across the schools attended the day held at Chudleigh Knighton.
  • The day was a huge success and children were intrigued by the text used.
  • Activities were based around ‘Smith’ by Leon Garfield – a high level text which focused on a great deal of interpretation and inference.
  • The children were tasked to solve the mystery of finding out who or what the character of ‘Smith’ was by being given carefully selected snippets and extracts which included a range of information, descriptive devices and archaic language.
  • Children were observed debating their viewpoints using evidence from the text :

Child 1 “I think that Mr Jones is the hangman and he doesn’t actually speak to Smith.”

Child 2 “Yes he does look read it again it says here.”