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Primary Academy

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Safeguarding Personnel

Executive Head Teacher

Mrs Jackie Huntington


Head of Teaching & Learning

Mrs Emma Lewry


Hub Business Manager

Mrs Cheryl Haddy



Miss Julie Vowden

Mrs Louise Mason

Miss Hannah Riley



Mrs Susan Desborough


Pastoral Support

Mrs Linda Hodder - Family Support/Safeguarding Officer



Unit Leader Mrs Helen Davis

Class Teachers

Mrs Helen Davis

Mrs Debbie Harvey

Miss Polly Marshall

Mrs Bryony Way



Unit Leader Miss Penny Rundle

Class Teachers                                        PPA Cover

Miss Rebecca Maggs       Year 1           Mrs Abi Callaghan

Mr Jay Owens                    Year 1           Mr Andy McLarnon

Miss Penny Rundle             Year 2           Mrs Susan Desborough

Miss Nicole Mills                  Year 2           Mrs Emma Lewry



Unit Leader Mr Luke Forbes

Class Teachers                                         PPA Cover

Miss Laura Fletcher             Year 3/4       Mr Andy McLarnon

Mr Luke Forbes                    Year 3/4

Mrs Alice Walker                 Year 3/4



Unit Leader Mr Lewis Webb

Class Teachers                                          PPA Cover

Miss Grace Glover &

Mrs Sarah Hearn                  Year 5/6

Mr Lewis Webb                    Year 5/6        Mr Andy McLarnon

Miss Sophie Warren             Year 5/6


Teaching Assistants

Miss Claire Adams

Mrs Freddie Bell

Mrs Jo Berry

Mrs Olyve Brown

Miss Hannah Cridge

Miss Rachel Cridge

Mrs Bev Ferris

Mrs Jenny Finnerty

Mrs Anna Grim

Mrs Simone Harrill-Manley

Mrs Zeta Harris

Mrs Hazel Hawley

Miss Georgina Hayward

Mrs Vickie MacClinton

Mrs Rita Martin

Mrs Teresa Oakley

Miss Holliey Pearce

Mrs Alison Rackham

Mrs Sharon Rogers

Mrs Helen Smith

Miss Louise Wain

Mrs Elaine Walker

Miss Donna Wallace

Mrs Denise Worden



Mr Ben Chambers - Devon Norse


Kitchen Staff

Mrs Rachel Spencer – Manager

Mrs Germaine Fraser - Assistant

Mrs Sheena McAtee - Assistant


Meal Time Assistants

Mrs J Coles

Mrs S Forrest

Mrs A Jackson

Mrs G Langdale

Miss S Leyman

Miss E Pearce-Mariner

Mrs L Simmons


Out of School Care

Mrs Rita Martin

Mrs Teresa Oakley

Miss Hannah Cridge

Mrs Zeta Harris

Mrs Ali Rackham

Mrs Sharon Rogers