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UNIT 1 - Year 1 and 2


Classes 1 Cofton - Miss Maggs
Classes 2 Aller - Mr Owens
Classes 3 Coryton - Mrs Rundle - Unit Leader
Classes 4 Newhay - Miss Mills

Unit 1 Trip to Stover - 6th & 7th June 2018

Space Project & Star Gazing

Spring Term Newsletter and Curriculum Planning

Space day!

Unit 1 kicked off their new topic with a Space fancy dress day! During this day we had an unexpected visit... an alien space ship crash landed into our playground leaving an awful mess! Luckily our caretaker managed to catch it all on video, we went outside to investigate the crash site and wrote our own news reports on the incidents. 
Picture 1

Fire safety talks in Year 2

Fire safety talks in Year 2 1 We learnt how to stop, drop and roll
Fire safety talks in Year 2 2
Fire safety talks in Year 2 3
Fire safety talks in Year 2 4 We look at different fire risks at home
We had a visit from Devon Fire and Safety, they taught us how to stay safe around fire risks. We learnt the Stop, Drop and Roll in case of an emergency! 

A Harvest visit from Reverend Allan

A Harvest visit from Reverend Allan 1 What countries does our food come from?
Reverend Allan visited the children in Unit 1 to help us learn all about the Harvest festival. We found out about the different places our food comes from. 

Warburtons visited Westcliff

Warburtons visited Westcliff 1 Sandwich making in Year 2
Warburtons visited Westcliff 2
Warburtons visited Westcliff 3
Year 2 had a visit from Warburtons! They taught us all about food hygiene and different food types. We designed and made our own sandwiches to take home with us. 

Autumn Term Newsletter & Curriculum Planning

Egyptian day in Unit 1