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Hub Days


Westcliff Primary Academy is part of the Central Hub of First Federation.

The schools work together to provide opportunities for children to meet and share learning experiences. Each term school’s host Hub Days and invite children from all schools.



Central Hub Virtual Exhibtion


Across the First Federation Trust, our schools have been involved in a collaborative art project which has been aimed at promoting equality and celebrating diversity.

Our focus has been to broaden and deepen children’s understanding and awareness of how these important themes can be championed through different art forms.

Across the school, children have been inspired to create their own representations of artwork produced by different Black artists’ throughout history.  This project illustrates a central thread of our curriculum, which educates the children about the Fundamental British Values of Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance, The Rule of Law, and Democracy.  

From viewing the Virtual Art Exhibition, you will witness how the children have embraced this opportunity to celebrate the colour, vibrancy and beauty of each artist’s works. Through shared discussion over the course of the project, it has been wonderful to see and hear how the children have been able to deepen their own and each other’s learning of why equality and cultural diversity are so integral to our society.

Central Hub - Greater Depth Maths Workshop

A number of year 6 children from across the Central Hub visited Lady Seaward's on Thursday 24th January to participate in a series of challenging maths workshops aimed at developing both their problem solving and reasoning skills. The children were placed into mixed groups so that they had the opportunity to share their learning with pupils from different schools. Through the morning the pupils completed problems involving complex fractions, percentages, missing angles and algebra. The day was a huge success with both Mrs Adams and Mr Westwood being impressed by the way the pupils were able to articulate their mathematics across these more challenging aspects of the Year 6 curriculum.  

Central Hub Country Dancing 

On Friday 16th November, we were invited to Rockbeare to take part in Country Dancing. We joined our friends from Lady Seaward’s, Willowbank and Chudleigh Knighton. 

First we learnt different steps such as Promenade , swing and left and right hand star. We learnt some dances in smaller groups before finish with one big dance that everyone joined in with. 

Thank you Rockbeare for inviting us. 

Westcliff Primary Academy hosted the 2018 Central Hub Maths Challenge.
Pupils from Westcliff , Lady Seawards , Rockbeare and Chudleigh Knighton all gathered to compete at a range of Maths challenges. The pupils all performed really well, utilising their Mathmatical skills of reasoning and problem solving. 
The morning was a success and the pupils all worked extremely hard. The eventual winners were Lady Seawards primary school, closely followed by Westcliff Primary Academy who finished runners up.
Congratulations to all the pupils involved.

Central Hub reading Day - 24th April 2018

Poetry Day

KS1 Hub Poetry day at Westcliff - 7th March 2018.  Key Stage 1 children from across the central hub were invited to a hub poetry day at Westcliff Primary Academy.  We started the day by exploring different styles of poetry and sharing our opinions on the different poems we had read. Next, we followed a poetry pattern which used an adjective, noun, verb and adverb. We created our own group poems in this style all about springtime, then we practised and performed them to the group.  Finally, seeing as it was so close to Mothering Sunday, the children created a poem in their preferred style for their mums.  It was a brilliant day, all the children were polite, enthusiastic and extremely talented poets!  

Dance Day

KS2 children from Lady Seaward’s, Chudleigh Knighton and Westcliff attended a day of dance.  They learnt a wide range of traditional dances from around the world to perform a medley at the end of the day.  The children loved using costumes and props to enhance their movement and the end result was fantastic!